Are you looking into purchasing a new air conditioner and getting started with your research? Have a look at this post on our blog where we discuss the cost of air conditioners in Cape Town as well as how to find the greatest deal on an air conditioner.

What Factors Influence the Cost of an Air Conditioner?

When you look into the cost of air conditioners in Cape Town, you will find that the cost of various models and even different brands of air conditioners varies greatly. As is the case with many things in life, the item that is offered at the lowest price is not necessarily the item of the highest quality. It’s common for people to buy an air conditioner with a lifespan of ten years or more in mind, so before you buy one, you should perform some in-depth research. The cost of your air conditioner is determined by these five criteria.


When you compare an inverter air conditioner to a non-inverter air conditioner in Cape Town, you will notice a significant price difference between the two types of units. Air conditioners that do not use inverter technology are based on much older technology and use approximately twice as much electricity as inverter air conditioners. Because of their excessive energy consumption and generally poor quality, these air conditioning units are typically offered at very low prices. The initial purchase price of an inverter air conditioner could be a little bit higher, but the money you save on electricity will more than makeup for the difference.

Second, the noise-canceling technology utilized by various manufacturers is not interchangeable. Because of the significant amount of noise that is produced by most of the more affordable air conditioners, they are not appropriate for use in settings such as offices or bedrooms. For instance, if you choose a Daikin Perfera, it already has a sound-reduction mode built in, which may bring the decibel level of your air conditioner down to 19dBA (which is as silent as whispering).

The price is also determined in part by the technology that is used in the refrigeration system. In Cape Town, air conditioners that are lower in price may employ R410A or even the much more outdated R22 units. While modern air conditioners will employ the most advanced refrigerant known as R32. Not only do you cut down on the amount of damage you do to the environment by 68%, but you also improve how efficiently you use energy. We put together a fantastic piece for our blog that demonstrates why R32 is the only choice when purchasing an air conditioner.

Capacity for Both Cooling and Heating

You may need a more powerful air conditioner if your space is particularly large. The price will go up as a result of the increase in the required capacity. Nevertheless, it is very necessary to acquire an air conditioner of the appropriate size. If your air conditioner has a capacity that is too low, it will not be able to adequately cool or heat the room, which will limit your level of comfort. On the other hand, an air conditioner that has an excessively large capacity would have a shorter lifetime. Always have a qualified air conditioning installation company, such as GreeDirect, measure the dimensions of your space. We have also developed a clever algorithm that performs this for you, which eliminates the need for you to wait on an AC Company in Cape Town.

Aircon Quality

Sadly, there are no miracles to be found in the world of air conditioning. There will be a qualitative difference between products with price differences of R 5000 or more. The majority of Chinese manufacturers will lower the quality of their parts and overall build quality. When you are researching air conditioners, this will also be the aspect that will be the most challenging to evaluate. Maintaining relationships with trustworthy air conditioner manufacturers like GreeDirect is our recommendation.


Air conditioners come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but the most important factor to consider is that their levels of efficiency can vary greatly (electricity consumption). Therefore, it is always vital to ask your air conditioning installation what the SEER value (the efficiency in cooling; the higher the number, the better) and SCOP value (the efficiency in heating; the higher the number, the better) is for your system.

Your Aircon Installer

The cost could change based on the specific air conditioning installation that you desire. Sometimes the outdoor unit will have to be put on a roof far away from the interior unit, and this will result in larger piping lengths because of the distance between the two units. In certain circumstances, it may even be necessary to perform extensive ducting or core drilling. Always make sure to question your installer for the specifics of their quote before making a comparison to ensure accuracy.

The quality of the air conditioning installation is of utmost importance. You may frequently come across internet players claiming their installation price as being as low as it possibly can be. Take for instance the following example of a different online player:

The cost of a bracket of enough quality to hang your air conditioning outside unit is approximately one thousand South African Rand. Less expensive brackets are more prone to corrosion and can deteriorate over the years, which can be a reason for concern and even a hazard in some cases.

Aluminum piping is the material of choice for the majority of less expensive air conditioning installers since it is less expensive, but it is also significantly more likely to corrode and leak. A reliable installer would recommend that you get a copper piping installation, which will cost you approximately one thousand South African Rand. That leaves the installer with R799 after he or she has completed around 6-8 hours of work on a split installation. At those prices, it is unreasonably optimistic to anticipate having a high-quality air conditioning installation completed.

To Summarise

In conclusion, even though numerous air conditioning installers in Cape Town promote low-cost air conditioning installation services, we do not recommend using their services. If you want your air conditioner to last for more than ten years, you should be sure to choose an installation that is both accurate and of high quality. The R 1000 that you save now could end up costing you far more in the long run when your equipment needs repairs.

Last but not least, it is essential to select an installation that provides a high-quality level of service. If there are ever any issues with your air conditioner, check to see that the person who installed it has the appropriate credentials. Your air conditioner should serve you for many years. If you run into difficulties, he or she will be able to assist you right away.

The general rule of thumb is that the more energy-saving technology you wish to include in your air conditioner, the slightly higher the price you will pay for it will be. However, because you will likely use your air conditioner for many years and will be able to count on those reductions in energy costs, this additional cost is justifiable. When shopping for an air conditioner, you shouldn’t base your decision just on the unit’s price because you could end up spending more money on repairs or your monthly electricity bill. The following considerations should not be overlooked:

  • Choose an inverter R32 air conditioner for your technological needs.
  • Purchase items with the appropriate capacity for the space you have available (do not over- or undersize the unit)
  • Only take into account high-grade brands like GreeDirect about the product’s quality.
  • Choose an air conditioner that has a minimum amount of required electricity for maximum efficiency.
  • Your installer: Pick an air conditioning contractor who not only provides you with excellent service but also works with materials of the greatest possible quality. Simply click here to receive an instant price quotation.