A bushveld camping trip in South Africa promises to be an extremely memorable experience. We are passionate about bushveld camping and are considered to be one of the leading resources when it comes to planning a bushveld camping holiday in South Africa.

Why Bushveld Camping?

The South African bushveld is the ideal setting for a camping trip of a lifetime! It will be like nothing ever experienced before. Planning a trip of this nature can be a bit intimidating and this is why agents comes in. We will help you with the planning of your bushveld adventure every step of the way.

What to expect:

Comfortable accommodation: Bushveld camping is actually quite a luxurious and comfortable experience. Most campsites and bushveld lodges provide guests with very comfortable accommodations and facilities. This is definitely the perfect option for those looking to enjoy an authentic African safari while still being comfortable.

Wildlife: Guests can expect to see quite a lot of wildlife while enjoying a bushveld camping holiday. The wildlife will depend on the specific region being visited. Some campsites may even give guests the opportunity to see all of the Big 5 while out on a guided or self-drive safari.
Exquisite cuisine: While there are a few self-catering options, most bushveld lodges and campsites provide the food for their guests. Guests can expect exotic menus and fresh cuisine.

Tips For Booking Your Bushveld Camping Trip

You will find many helpful hints here at many agent websites when it comes to planning and booking your bushveld camping holiday. Firstly, always do your research so that you know exactly what to expect from a particular campsite or lodge. For example, what wildlife can you expect to see, what type of schedule do they follow and what facilities do they have on offer.