The creation of one of the most opulent caravans in South Africa is finally complete; an assembly line has been set up, teething start-up problems have been ironed out, and splendid new Grey Airflight caravans from Custom Campers are now available for purchase.

In order to maintain its status as a unique caravan, The Grey will not be manufactured in large quantities. The cost, on the contrary, reveals a different story – the Grey is priced to satisfy you and keep your wallet happy, despite the fact that it is constructed as if it were brought directly from Europe.

Where It Started

The story of the Grey begins in 2019 when Fred from Custom Campers set out on an expedition to construct the most luxurious caravan available on the South African market. This is where the journey of the Grey actually begins.

After nearly a year of putting in late hours at the office, Fred and his family finally got to experience their first voyage on the first Grey. Even though everyone had a wonderful time, Fred had the impression that there was more work to be done because the caravan was still not in its ideal state.

After some more improvements had been made to the Grey, it was initially exhibited for public offering at the 2020 Caravan Show at Gallagher Hall, where Fred and the squad earned a great deal of positive feedback from the general public (and a few orders). Despite this, Fred was not yet finished making improvements to his dream caravan.

According to him, “a lot of expansion was done, and by the year 2021, Grey gained momentum quickly.”

“It gives me great pleasure to announce that I am at last content with where we have arrived,” she said.

The process of constructing the Grey follows the same pattern as that used by Fred and Custom Campers, which is well-known for producing high-quality overland cars. The design is one of a kind and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

The Process Of Establishing a High-End Caravan

The Grey Airflight is constructed out of high-grade materials, so there is no risk of the wood rotting, and it has a chassis that was designed in Europe, giving you a towing experience that is unparalleled by any other caravan.

In addition, the Grey is a gravel roader, which means it is more than able to navigate the routes in South Africa. Because the caravan is outfitted with every piece of safety technology that can be found anywhere in the world, it is without a doubt one of the least dangerous caravans that can be towed while traveling to its destination.

The inside is in a league of its own in South Africa, with outstanding materials that give you the feeling of being in a 5-star luxury hotel. Each cupboard features CNC cutting for pinpoint accuracy, and the knowledgeable team at Custom Campers is responsible for assembly. Upon entering the Grey, you will be greeted by a luxury lounge area upholstered in genuine leather and featuring a full bar as well as an entertainment system (and is DSTV-ready).

You Are Able to Change the Colors of the Interior to Suit Your Preferences

While you get to unwind on the queen-size bed that has a legitimate mattress that was made and created to accommodate the comfortable environment, the lounge can be transformed into a comfortable double bed that can be used by the children or grandchildren.

  • Inside, there is a compact cooking space equipped with a large refrigerator and freezer, a microwave, and a dishwasher (optional).
  • In a caravan, having a shower and toilet is something to fantasize about.
  • Plugs that can also accept USB connections are installed strategically throughout the interior for your convenience.
  • Everyone will be satisfied with the amount of available storage space, as it is more than adequate.
  • The Grey comes equipped with a water tank that holds 150 liters and a geyser that holds 20 liters.

The Key Features

The Grey features an outdoor kitchen that is fully equipped with porcelain and designer kitchenware that is stored in closed-cell foam that has been CNC-cut. The exterior panels are identical to those found on overland 4×4 vehicles in that they are composite sandwich panels that are manufactured in the factory out of fibreglass with an aluminum skeleton that is vacuumed in to ensure the structure’s integrity.

There is plenty of room to store in the front boot, the rear boot, and both sides of the rear boot for things like tents, tables, and other items. All of the window components, including the blinds, the fly screen, and the armor-plated glass, are fabricated in-house. Fred and his crew have created a one-of-a-kind entrance door specifically for the Grey. The Grey’s clean contours and sophisticated layout are designed to withstand the passage of time.