Many dermatologists’ offices offer spa services, and among them is red light therapy. Red light therapy: what is it, precisely?

In Red Light Therapy, the epidermis is subjected to the light of secure wavelengths to assist in resolving numerous skin issues, such as stretch marks, age spots, skin discoloration, breakouts, and scar tissue.” The low-wavelength red light generates a biochemical influence in cells to create more energy, which in turn aids cells in their rejuvenation and repair efforts. Red light therapy is a pain-free, non-invasive treatment that promotes cellular repair without the use of heat.

The wavelengths produced by this tool are not meant to cause harm to the skin, in contrast to the sun’s UV rays. They are less intense, so they can be soaked up by light-sensitive cells in the body without harming them, and they travel more quickly through the tissue. The below specialist interpretations of Red Light Therapy should clarify the nature of this treatment and its safety for you.

Red light therapy is a treatment method that uses low-intensity red light frequencies to address a variety of skin problems, including age spots, chronic injuries, and scar tissue. The skin is exposed to closely-infrared and red light with both 660 nm and 890 nm using red LED lights or reduced-level lasers for the recovery period. It can take 10 mm of these laser beams without damage. Because it does not cause thermal damage to the skin, red light therapy is a non-invasive treatment that can reach depths of 5 mm.

Application in Real Life of Red Light Therapy

The use of red light therapy for the treatment of skin conditions is gaining popularity. It’s likely because it has such a dramatic impact on skin circulation and collagen formation. According to esthetician Joshua Ross, red light therapy can improve the skin’s health, function, and performance.

RLT’s Advantages

RLT’s numerous advantages stem from its ability to improve circulation and kick-start the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Aging Skin

By counteracting the effects of aging from UV rays, red light therapy can improve the skin’s overall appearance. The therapy has been shown to rapidly increase cell production, which in turn leads to the secretion of collagen proteins. Wrinkles are reduced as a result of the effect on sagging skin. Red light therapy has been shown to improve the appearance and feel of aging skin in a study published in the journal Photomedicine and Laser Surgery.


Acne vulgaris sufferers also may try red light therapy as a complementary treatment option. According to findings, Red light therapy, in which the skin is exposed to light, is an effective substitute remedy for acne. Red light therapy works by slowing the skin’s sebaceous gland activity, which is liable for blocking up pores and causing acne.


Red therapy for the treatment of skin can help improve the appearance of plaque psoriasis without exacerbating significant side effects, according to a study published in Laser Medical Science. Numerous studies have shown that red light therapy can reverse the effects of aging on the skin by enhancing its tonality, texture, and skin discoloration. Inflammation, redness, and sun damage to the skin are all reduced, and the skin’s overall quality and texture are enhanced. Red light therapy can promote efficient cellular operation in the skin, which has been linked to a lessening of hyperpigmentation, uneven tone, and roughness.

Although an increase in collagen production has been linked to a slower rate of skin aging, the opposite has been observed to be true for scars. The accumulation of connective tissue in the skin has indeed been linked to the enlargement of scars. The thickening of scar tissues can be avoided in this way by decreasing collagen production.

Scars Can Be Treated With Red Light Therapy

This works by reducing the body’s production of collagen to repair wounds. According to Health on Point, “Red light therapy implements a low level of heat and doesn’t damage or burn the skin. It’s not the type of light utilized in tanning beds, and it doesn’t expose your skin to harmful UV rays.”

Red Light Therapy  for The Body

The majority of the purported health advantages of red light therapy are unsubstantiated, but it has been discovered to have positive effects on aesthetics and skin health. As will be seen, only a select few have displayed any degree of confidence. Overall, despite its many purported advantages, red light therapy does not help you shed extra pounds. When used in the comfort of one’s own home, Ilays warns, red light therapy gadgets might not be able to reach deep enough into the skin to have any effect.

Tighter Skin

Red light therapy, as previously mentioned in this evaluation, is meant to increase collagen synthesis, a part of the body accountable for skin suppleness and rigidity. According to Ilays, red light therapy can help tighten sagging skin by decreasing its laxity.

Relieving Adverse Effects of Chemo

Red light therapy has been shown to have enhanced capability in decreasing chemo-related adverse effects like unpleasant lesions, dry skin, and burning sessions.

The Various Forms of Red-Light Therapy Equipment and How They Are Used

Red light therapy devices can be divided into two categories. Red light therapy equipment for use in the office or at home is available. When it comes to how they treat patients, the 2 gadgets couldn’t be more different. They have different wavelength ranges and skin penetration depths. For instance, home devices are in the nanometer range, whereas medical-grade devices are developed to permeate the epidermis to 6 mm deep.

Office-based Care

Consultation treatments have an advantage over other options because they take a multipronged approach. In-office red light therapy can be combined with other modalities like photosensitizers and micro-needling for optimal results. Light absorption is supposedly maximized with this combined strategy. This method of skin care is typically administered in-office by an experienced esthetician after discussing the person’s medical objectives and current skin condition. When it comes to your face, there are specific steps you must take before and after using LED lights. It is recommended that clients not expose their skin to the sun or use harsh exfoliants in the days leading up to their light therapy session. Click here to book your next session in Cape Town.

RLT for The House

Because it requires an esthetician’s expertise and is made to reach further into the epidermis for maximum benefits, medical-grade LED therapy can be quite pricey. To save money, however, you can use equipment you already have at home. In comparison to office equipment, their costs are much more reasonable.

To provide easy accessibility to red light therapy in the convenience of your own home, the systems are designed to be operated remotely. With the help of at-home equipment, you can expose yourself to light through custom-fitted masks, which may be worn for long periods to maximize the therapeutic effects. Some home systems, like those that use wands or lamps, necessitate the user to gauge how far away they are from the source of light and how long they have to use it.