All slot machines, whether online or off, have a predetermined RTP. Due to the house edge, being a professional slot player is nearly impossible in the long run.

Casinos Have the Right to Exclude High Rollers

Long-term success as a professional slot player is quite unlikely. Slot machines lack any real element of skill when compared to table games like blackjack or poker. There is no way to get an advantage over the machines or change the odds in your favour. However, there are a few fundamentals you can learn to improve your slot-playing skills and boost your chances of winning.

Is It Possible to Make a Living Playing Slot Machines?

Professional slot players are something I had never heard of. Playing high return-to-player (RTP) slots, however, can marginally increase your odds of winning. However, slot machines are purely a game of chance and so cannot be played professionally in the same way that games based on ability, such as poker, can.

Why You Can Make a Living Playing Slot Machines

Slots players can improve their odds by following the advice given above. Some of our best advice is as follows…


Determine which machines have the best return-to-player rates. ‘Return to Player’ (RTP) refers to the amount of money won back by players relative to their wagers. The greatest slot machines to play if you’re looking for a return to player percentage of 95% or more. Keep an eye out for the percentage of money returned to players, which should be shown next to the game on the website or in the paytable.

Variance, High or Low

Carefully selecting your games is another tactic. Depending on your preferred method of gambling, you can opt for a game with a higher hit frequency or a larger payout percentage. While some people thrive on consistent small triumphs, others prefer the unusual but spectacular great successes. In the end, it comes down to taste.

Pick the Slots with an Expected Value

The term “expected value” (EV) refers to the amount a bettor can reasonably anticipate winning or losing for each wager made at standard odds. If the expected value is positive, then the outcome will be profitable; otherwise, the outcome will be unfavourable. Gamblers would do well to try to calculate the expected value of their wagers.

Formula/Calculation: Total of All Values The odds of winning or losing a wager are proportional to either the likelihood that it will happen or the amount staked on each outcome.

Added Value

Get the most out of your play by seeking for slot machines with additional features and advantageous symbols like free spins, re-spins, jackpot rounds, multiplier symbols, and wild cards. These provide more bang for your buck and increase your odds of success. Before you start betting, you should check out the slot’s paytable. Make sure there are enough lines and bonuses for you to have a good time and win some money.

Gamble With Sufficient Funds

To win the jackpot on many slot machines, players must wager the highest sum allowed. A lot of new players don’t know this, hence they always lose their low bets. Slot machines with a fruit motif, for example, are designed for players who like to wager smaller amounts than high rollers.

Avoid Gambling on Games With Growing Jackpots

Regular spins on progressive jackpot games may pay out less than usual to account for the future payoff, but the potential for a huge win is irresistible. Playing for long odds prevents you from increasing your bankroll in the short term. Small but consistent victories are the key to staying in the game for longer.

Avert Your Superstitious Eyes

Sometimes you just get lucky. No amount of effort can change the outcome of a game of chance. Stop being superstitious, and forget about fooling the slot machines.

Recognise Your Boundaries

Slot machines can be played safely, with predetermined spending and loss restrictions that are not exceeded, and they are also highly addicting. Ever! When betting is no longer entertaining, you should stop. Don’t ever gamble with the hope of winning back your losses. Practise good money management skills.

Factors That Prevent You From Being a Full-time Slots Player

In the end, the aforementioned suggestions are not a cheat code and will only marginally improve your chances of winning. You can’t make a living playing slot machines, and here’s why.

Playing Slot Machines Relies Entirely on Chance

Slot machines are, by any measure, a game of pure luck. However, there are always others who would claim to have insider information or cheat codes. They are useless, and they never will be.

There is No Need for Skill

The opposite of luck is a skill. You can do a few things to somewhat increase your odds of winning at online slots, but in the end, the predetermined algorithms control everything. Even if you’re skilled at other games, you have no chance of winning at slots because of the random nature of the results.

Inherent Payouts

The RTP of a slot machine is predetermined and determines how often and how much money players may expect to win. In practically every situation, the odds of failure outweigh the possibilities of success. Because high winners mean the casino is losing money, they have the right to ban players who consistently win large amounts. However, given the predictability of slot machines, this is an extremely unlikely occurrence. Casinos often do not allow card counters in games like Blackjack. Do you have the skills to be a professional slot player? In a word, no. Slot machines are supposed to be enjoyed for what they are: a game of sheer luck that doesn’t involve any skill, like poker or blackjack. So why not enjoy them on Slotified? South Africa’s first online slot casino.